1. Do you repair laptop and desktop PC’s?

2. Do you only repair laptop computers?

3. Can you repair my Apple Mac?

4. Do you provide network support too?

5. Can you replace broken laptop screen?

6. Can missing or sticky keyboard keys be replaced?

7. Can you repair power supplies and laptop power jacks on-site?

8. Windows cannot boot or crashes on startup or shuts down without notice. What should I do?

9. Can you upgrade my computers memory (RAM) onsite?

10. Can you set up my wireless network and configure my laptop to connect to it?

11. I have purchased a new machine and I need to transfer all my data from previous machine to the new one. Can you help?

12. How long will it take for your engineers to get to me?

13. Are engineers available outside normal office hours or at the weekend?

14. Will you back up my data before beginning the repair?

15. What will happen to the data backup once my computer is repaired?

16. Will it take long to fix my power supply or laptop power jack?


1. Can you quote me a fixed price for laptop repair?

2. Is there a charge for site or home visits, collections and delivery services?

3. Is there a call out fee?

4. Is there a charge if you cannot repair my computer?

5. Is there a charge if my computer is not worth repairing?

6. Can missing or sticky keyboard keys be replaced?

7. Will you offer to buy my laptop if it is beyond repair?

8. How soon after the repair is complete do I have to pay?