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How to order the appropriate laptop screen

A laptop’s model number, the screen’s model, the manufacturer’s component number, and [not advised] by heeding a piece of advice you discovered online on a forum or anywhere else are all ways you might purchase an LCD screen.

There are excellent methods and poor ways, just like anywhere else.

1. by laptop model number, in that order.

Laptop Repair Specialists - laptop model number

Usually, ordering the correct part only requires knowing the model of the laptop. The Dell Latitude E5540 or the most, if not all, of HP’s CTO (Custom-To-Order) laptops are two examples of laptop models that provide the option for a higher resolution or in some cases, even a slightly different size screen.

Always verify the LCD screen model number whenever you see an option for a different resolution or a different lighting type panel. If you use a different resolution screen than your original, the higher/lower resolution screen might not function correctly (and most likely won’t), and it might even harm your computer.

2. ordering based on the LCD model number of a laptop.

Laptop Repair Specialists - LCD model number of a laptop

On the back of every LCD screen that has been fitted in a laptop is a screen model number. The best way to order replacement screens is without a doubt here. The size, resolution, and kind of backlight are all indicated by the model number. The only things you might need to double-check are the positioning of the mounting tabs for some smaller 10.1′′ and 11.6′′ netbooks, as well as the connector’s location (for some 15.6′′ and 17.3′′ HP laptops).

3. ordering using the component number from the manufacturer.

Laptop Repair Specialists - number from the manufacturer

This is a lot like placing an order using your laptop’s model number. The component number may frequently be located in the owner’s handbook or by searching online for the product or serial number on the manufacturer’s website. Some of our clients have said that they were successful in obtaining the component numbers from the supplier.

However, the part number on the LCD screen won’t be correct if your laptop’s screen has already been updated or changed. Additionally, we have seen instances when our customers claim they contacted the manufacturer with questions regarding their equipment and were given incorrect information; this is especially true when the laptop offers many screen resolution or backlighting options.

4. putting things in order based on web data.

Laptop Repair Specialists - putting things in order based on web data

There are many success stories where our customers were able to increase the screen resolution by simply switching out the screens. However, you must realize that in most cases, in order to successfully increase the LCD screen resolution, you must purchase a higher capacity cable (dual-channel as opposed to single-channel; irrelevant as to the number of pins on the cable), and ensure that the video card can support the increased resolution. Although we do not advise it, you must proceed at your own risk and judgment if you choose to try the installation.

Please open a support ticket whenever you are unsure about what screen to order. You ought to hear back from us quickly if you submit a ticket during regular business hours. To get the right component for you, we need the entire model number of your laptop or the model number of your LCD screen.

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