Laptop Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repairs

If you find yourself experiencing graphical issues on your screen, such as lines running across the screen, or even something as minor as a dark shadow, we suggest plugging the laptop into a VGA/HD monitor, this way if the problem still occurs on the other monitor we know it’s a motherboard issue rather than a screen problem.
Or if you find that your computer switches on but you have a problem with your:
• Sound
• Powering up but no images
• Network errors
If you unfortunately have a motherboard problem, fear not, we supply the highest quality motherboards for many well known laptop brands and our team of specially trained technicians, who will use the best parts available and will get started fixing the issue so we can get it delivered back to you usually within 48working hours.
Currently we stock various parts from motherboard companies such as:
• Asus
• Gigabyte
• Intel
• Rest of brands

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our free-phone number 0800 211 8284
Contact us now to receive your free quote and diagnostic report, once you have decided that we are the best London’s company to deal with your motherboard repair issue, we will have your computer collected and delivered by our courier service free of charge (Fully Insured).
We know how important your computer is and at times, your vital business component in your day to day life, so for this reason we try to fix all issues on your computer within a 48 hour period. Once one of our specialist technicians have installed your new motherboard we will make sure that before your use, it will have been fully tested and RoHS1 compliant. We will always check with you what you require and prefer, and if we don’t have the essential part in stock then not to worry our team of dedicated couriers will have it to us the next working day!

we do repair any laptops and computers.