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Don’t overpay for computer repairs done on the high street.

Consumer group Which recently conducted research on the availability of laptop repair services in high street stores. The findings, which showed that high street retail shops charge three times more for repairs, were a little startling. They started trivial faults on 24 computers running Windows and Mac. Laptops were unable to start up correctly due to error.

They brought their broken laptops to independent repair shops like Knowhow, Apple genius bars, Geek Squad Repair, and others. The outcomes were unimpressive. Only half of the computers had successful repairs. They tried it again after one and a half years and discovered that just 40% of the laptops had been fixed, with costs ranging from nothing to £170.

The cost of repairs surprised me. Nine out of 24 computers were charged about £86 a piece. The cheapest repair, a straightforward hard drive replacement, cost roughly £200. The fact that four computers were serviced for free this year is good news for Apple fans. Since they lacked the necessary replacement parts, Apple specialists deemed the other 2 “unrepairable.”

Opting for Laptop Repair over a New Purchase

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