Laptop Repair Guide

Our Laptop Repair Service team of highly skilled technicians are able to fix a multitude of repairs, and at an amazing cost! All our repairs are carried out by specialists using only the best components to ensure your getting the highest quality service.

Our Laptop Repair Services includes:

• General laptop repairs
• Laptop screen replacement
• LCD screen repair
• Laptop back light repair
• LCD back light repair
• OS Installations/OS upgrades
• Software Installation
• Hard Disk Memory upgrades/Card upgrades
• Hard Disk back up/Data recovery
• Laptop motherboard repairs/Refit
• USB Port repairs
• CD/DVD issues
• Hinges
• Power supply problems
• Keyboards/Keyboard replacements

And many other issues are easily sorted at The Laptop Repair Specialists! Just get in touch and see how we can better your life and your computers!