Laptop Power Socket Repair

At Laptop repair specialists we appreciate how annoying and disruptive a power issue can be, and we try to diagnose and fix this as soon as possible.
On laptops we find that another common issue is the DC power jack/socket (female connector) this is where the power adapter is plugged in to and what passes the electricity through. Common signs that this may be faulty are when you find that your laptop won’t charge, only runs on its battery life, flickering LED, intermittent charging or that you have to keep move the lead into a different position to charge it. Other signs such as damaged pins in the center of the DC power jack, sparking or burning smells coming from the the charger, buzzing and “scratching” sounds from the DC power source are important to fix right away as they could worsen and cause unnecessary damage. The whole repair process should take an hour to complete, and involves full dismantling of the laptop, but we always repair everything to the highest quality and standard.
Please check the signs before mentioned before calling us, and if your still not sure what the problem is then just give us a call on 0800 211 8284 and we’ll send a courier to collect your laptop for its free repair quote!

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